best running shoes for flat feet

Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

What Type of Foot Do You Have?

Now, before you get too occupied with choosing the right running shoes for flat feet, it is essential to know the kind of feet you have. Whether you have flat feet or perfectly arched feet, there are appropriate shoes out there.

People who have flat feet have the tendency of the entire soles of their feet to touch the ground when walking or running unlike those who have normally arched feet. The foot’s arch is composed of metatarsal and tarsal bones that are strengthened by tendons and ligaments. These bones and ligaments are the ones responsible for keeping the whole weight of the body in full support. In other words, it’s the shock-absorbing part of the body. Podiatric doctor of St. Mary Medical Center, Dr. William S. Lynde, said that each step a person takes in walking or running, the foot carries approximately 150% of the body’s total weight. He added that if a person’s feet are normally arched, there is this gradual lowering of the arch whereby the total body weight comes upon the feet; thus, shock is absorbed. However, if the feet are flat, there will no longer be a gradual lowering of the arch so that the person’s total body weight is left for the lower back to support. In this scenario, the ankles can twist inwards; thus, leading to unintended accidents affecting the knees.

Being flat-footed among runners means having to take extra care and be meticulous in selecting the perfect running shoes. They need to have additional support compared to those who have normally arched feet. Flat-footed people will have to provide their feet with extra support. This only means that they ought to avoid using ‘minimalist shoes’.

minimalist running shoes for flat feet

Minimalist shoes are the ones that have very thin soles. This kind of shoes aim to give its users the experience of being barefoot in running. While this is very convenient for others who have normally arched feet, minimalist shoes are not advised for flat-footed runners.

Nevertheless, flat-footed runners need not fret. The research into the best running shoes for flat feet has proven that many of the shoes available on the market will be fine for these runners to use.

People suffer from flat feet regardless of their gender. Men and women alike have the dilemma of choosing the perfect running shoes. If you’re a flat footed runner, then you have come to the right place. Here is our list of recommended shoes for you. For men, here are the ASICS Men’s Gt-2000 4, ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 22, Brooks Men’s Beast 14, and New Balance Men’s M940V2. For women, here are the ASICS Women’s GT-2000, ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 22, Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Gts 15, and New Balance Women’s W940V2.

So What Are The Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet?

asics gt 2000 4 mens running shoesASICS GT-2000 4 (For both men and women)

The Asics GT-2000 4 is manufactured with lots of padding around its heel area. This makes it very suitable for runners with flat feet. Its unique sole design and equally appealing nature will give the right amount of support for the runner’s ankles, heels, and soles without them feeling even the slightest discomfort in their feet. These athletic shoes weigh about 9.0 ounces making it less heavier than the typical running shoes that people have nowadays.The lightweight feature, helps make the runner’s feet less stressed as opposed to other heavyweight athletic shoes.

One of its features is its FluidRide midsole which gives more power and strength for the runner to push off on each step and boosting his or her performance while secretly supporting his or her ankles, soles, and feet. Thus, the runner is able to run for miles and miles without much pain, fatigue, or discomfort.

Apart from its benefits, the Asics GT-2000 4 is narrowly constructed which means that it is not very suitable for those who have wide feet.

asics gel kayano 22 mens running shoesASICS GEL KAYANO 22 (For both men and women)

Being one of the leading brands in athletic running shoes, Asics is undoubtedly one of the best. With another variant, the Gel Kayano 22, the shoe is designed in such a way that it provides its users with very comfortable rubber soles alongside its impact guidance system. This feature of the Gel Kayano 22 helps runners with flat feet. The FluidRide feature of the shoes is comfortable and it definitely resists stress possibilities.

The Asics Gel Kayano 22 has proven to withstand time, water, and bumps. Although it may be a bit pricey, a flat-footed runner should find it a great investment.

brooks beast 14 mens running shoesBROOKS BEAST 14

Brooks may have a bit of a niche following when it comes to the main brands, but the Brooks Beast 14 is a great shoe for flat footed runners. The shoes durability is a big positive. Aside from that, it is very comfortable to use with the right amount of cushioning that adapts to a runner’s feet. With the shoes’ shock-absorbing feature, runners won’t have to worry about fatigue, pain, and discomfort.

The shoe can seem a bit stiff initially until worn in properly.

New Balance 940 v2 mens running shoesNEW BALANCE 940V2

If you have severe case of flat feet, the New Balance 940V2 is the perfect running shoe. Its external stability plate helps improve your balance.

While it is a option for flat-footed runners, it is also the perfect running shoes for heavyweight runners because of the undeniable shock-absorbing feature. It has a synthetic mesh where a runners receive less pressure and stress on their toes preventing blisters, calluses, and corns from occurring.

Whatever weight category you belong to, you will find the New Balance 940V2 very comfortable even after wearing them for a long time. This is because of its Ortholite foam that allows air to evenly dispense throughout the entire shoe preventing the runner’s feet from becoming sweaty.

Choose According to your Preference

Of course, everything boils down to your own preferred choice and brand of shoe. You may opt to use running shoes that are less expensive or you may want running shoes that are unique in design and color. Whatever you decide on, be vigilant in considering running shoes that give you comfort to make sure you have the best running shoes for flat feet.