best running shoes for men 2016

Running Shoes For Men 2016

Choosing a running shoe can be a little overwhelming given the wide range of shoes available. To help you, the Running Shoo team have put together a shortlist of some of the Best Running Shoes for Men for 2016. This shortlist outlines some of our tried and tested favourites. These running shoes are some of the best on the market and offer great value for money. These shoes will allow you to train comfortably whether you’re a neutral runner looking to do faster runs or someone who is looking for a stability shoe for longer runs.  Obviously, everyone has slightly different requirments. So, to ensure the best fit possible, we recommend taking a trip to your local running store to test out the shoes before purchasing. This will help to make sure that the shoes are the right ones for you.

For those who are new to running and are unsure as to your ideal shoe type. We’ve outlined a simple and straightforward test which will help determine your foot type. This is referred to as ‘the wet foot test’ and it is used to determine the type of arches you have. The test will provide a good indication as to how you run. However, for a more accurate assessment, the team at RunningShoo recommend having a gait analysis undertaken. This will help you to determine your foot strike and the best type of shoe for you.

running shoes for men

Essentially, there are three foot types. Firstly, for those runners who have a flat foot with low arches you will typically overpronate.  Overpronation is common in many runner and can cause a range of injury problems if untreated.  However, the good news is that stability shoes provide measures to reduce the amount of overpronation and will significantly reduce your chances of injury.  In contrast, if you have high arches you are much more likely to underpronate.  If you have a normal arch you will typically have a normal pronation pattern.

The wet foot test is a very simple way to determine what type of arch you have.

running shoes for men wet foot test

The Wet Foot Test

  • Fill a basin with water and then place a piece of paper next to it.
  • Place your foot into the basin and then step out onto the dry paper.
  • After 5 seconds, step off the paper and look at the footprint that has been left behind.

If your footprint shows a flat foot with hardly any curving in at the arch then you have low arches or ‘flat feet’.

If there is a very big curve between the ball of your foot and the heel, then you have high arches.

If your foot is somewhere between the two descriptions then, you have a normal arch. A normal arch will show a slight curve between the ball of your foot and the arch.


Running Shoo’s Best Running Shoes for Men 2016

Asics Gel Quantum 360 mens running shoesAsics Gel Quantum 360

Foot Type – Neutral

Our view – The Asics Gel Quantum is a neutral training shoe featuring the new Gel-Quantum 360.  This provides 360 degrees of Gel cushioning technology for those runners requiring the ultimate in technology and performance. The shoe also features a number of new innovations including a full-length Trussic System that offers an incredibly smooth ride for the runner.  Furthermore, the shoe also has a new FluidFit seamless upper that provides an incredible fit. The Asics Gel Quantum 360 is best suited to neutral runners for road distances up to marathon.


Nike Free Flyknit mens running shoesNike Free Flyknit

Foot Type – Neutral

Our view – the Nike Free Flyknit is a revolutionary shoe that provides runners with a super lightweight shoe that is ideal for faster runners. This shoe offers a great option for those runners who are looking to transition to a more minimalist shoe.  The Nike Free Flyknit shoe is designed to offer runners a more natural running experience and offers exceptional lightweight cushioning and support. In addition, Nike have also given the shoe a virtually seamless upper and a sockliner that provides a snug and virtually unoticeable fit. The RunningShoo team loved the fit and responsive feel offered by these shoes which makes them ideal for doing faster training sessions.


Adidas Energy Boost 3 mens running shoesAdidas Energy Boost 3

Foot Type – Neutral

Our view – The Energy Boost 3 is one of the best shoes Adidas has produced providing incredible cushioning and comfort for neutral runners. The shoe also features a flexible and adaptive upper with techfit to help you get through your runs in comfort.  This is a highly versatile shoe for neutral runners or mild overpronators which can be used for shorter runs or longer training runs. The RunningShoo team loved the ride of the Adidas Energy Boost 3.


New Balance Vazee Pace mens running shoesNew Balance Vazee Pace

Foot Type – Neutral

Our view – if you’re looking for a lightweight and responsive shoe for racing or faster training sessions then the New Balance Vazee Pace is the shoe for you.  The shoe has been specifically designed to provide a lightweight and responsive shoe that can be used for everything from road racing to your daily training runs. The shoe offers some light stability for runners and is suitable for neutral runners.


saucony triumph iso 2 mens running shoesSaucony Triumph ISO 2

Foot Type – Neutral

Our view – The Saucony ISO Triumph shoe was one of the best shoes available on the market. The new Saucony Triumph ISO 2 is the latest version of the ISO series and has a number of significant enhancements on the previous model. The midsole features a new Everun landing zone which provides a comfortable but responsive ride. The shoe also features a new TRI-FLEX outsole that provides better grip and a smooth ride. This shoe is ideal for neutral runners who are looking for an everyday training shoe.


Nike Air Zoom Odyssey mens running shoesNike Air Zoom Odyssey

Foot Type – Overpronator

Our view – For runners who suffer from mild to moderate overpronation the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey is one of the best shoes on the market.  The shoe provides incredible cushioning and support with a number of features to enhance stability to reduce overpronation. Firstly, the midsole has been segmented and features a triple-density foam midsole and dynamic support platform. These features help to significantly reduce the rate of pronation and provides support for your foot as you transition through the foot strike. This is critical as it will help to slow the rate of overpronation and reduce your chances of injury. The outsole features a series of flex grooves, this allows for a more natural foot movement. In short, the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey is an incredible shoe for overpronators that can be used for steady training runs through to shorter temp runs.


newton gravity IV mens running shoesNewton Gravity IV

Foot Type – Neutral

Our view – the Newton Gravity IV is a neutral mileage trainer that is ideal for runners requiring an everyday training shoe that can also be used for faster training sessions and tempo runs. This versatile shoe features a high rebound EVA mid and outer sole which helps to keep your feet stable and aids a smooth transition. The shoe also features a responsive POP1 platform that is designed to keep you comfortable no matter what the distance. We loved the fit of the shoe which allows you to clock up the miles in comfort.


brooks launch 3 mens running shoesBrooks Launch 2

Foot Type – Neutral

Our view – The Brooks Launch 2 is the latest version of the shoe and provides an excellent combination of cushioning and support. The new shoe features a number of enhancements including additional cushioning to the forefoot and a new mesh upper. We particularly liked the new ride which is courtesy of the segmented crash pad and the result is a springy ride and comfortable ride that allows for easy transition from heel to toe. Brooks have also improved the groove in the heel of the shoe to ensure that it adapts to any landing style. This is a great everyday training shoe for neutral runners.


under armour sppedform gemini mens running shoesUnder Armour Speedform Gemini

Foot Type – Neutral

Our view – the Under Armour Speedform Gemini is one of the best new shoes on the market and provides a great combination of cushioning with a nimble and responsive feel. UA have done a grest jobs on creating a shoe with the right combination of cushioning and support. The shoes midsole contains Under Armours Charged Cushioning providing plenty of cushioning but still manages to remain responsive. The shoe also features a seamless heel cup with a foam collar which provides an incredible fit and the perforated upper features ultrasonic seals which provides great breathability on longer runs. The shoe has a blown rubber outsole with a carbon rubber heel which helps keep the shoe light but durable. We loved this shoe which is ideal for neutral runners who are looking for a training shoe for everyday use or faster speedwork.


asics gel kayano 22 mens running shoesAsics Gel Kayano 22

Foot Type – Overpronator

Our view – The Ascis Gel Kayano continues to be one of the premium running shoes on the market and offers runners an excellent combination of fit, stability and comfort. The shoe is ideal for mild-moderate overpronators, and offers unsurpassed cushioning allowing runners to clock up the miles pain free. The shoe features a number of new features including a new mid-foot fitting system to maintain greater biomechanical efficiency.  In addition, Asics have also upgraded the External Heel Clutching System on the shoe that provides a snug fit. Other enhancements include a new outsole with more numerous and deeper flex grooves. This increases the flexibility of the shoe and provides a more powerful transition heel to toe.

We hope that you have enjoyed our Best Running Shoes for Men 2016 guide. The guide offers a good base of shoes for runners of all types and gaits. If you are interested in purchasing any of the running shoes featured you can use our comprehensive search engine to find the best shoe for you. This will give you the best price on the market for your preferred shoe.